Tips for Appearing in Family Court

Dealing with a divorce or other family law matter can stressful and, for many, the idea of appearing in court before a judge is intimidating. For countless family law clients, the courtroom is foreign territory and it is easy to feel apprehensive about the idea of appearing—and even easier to make a bad impression before a judge you are trying to appeal to.

While it may seem superficial, the way that clients dress and act in the courtroom can have a bearing on their case. However, it is possible for any family law client to put their best foot forward in the courtroom and demonstrate that they both respect and trust the judicial process.

The following tips can help any client appearing in court make the best impression possible and avoid any needless complications.


  • For women: pantsuits or business casual is required. Conservative shoes, makeup, and hairstyles are highly recommended. Avoid overly large purses.
  • For men: suits or business casual is required. Dress shoes should be worn, not sneakers. Long hair and facial hair should be kept neat.
  • Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
  • Visible piercings should be removed.
  • If possible, tattoos should be covered.
  • Perfume and cologne are unnecessary.
  • Hats should be removed before entering the courtroom.


  • It is critical that you arrive to your hearing on time. Tardiness or absence will negatively affect your case. Always factor in traffic and other potential delays into your commute.
  • Do not bring or eat snacks or gum in the courtroom.
  • Turn off mobile phones and other personal devices.
  • Remove noisy items from your pockets (loose change, keys, etc.)
  • Remain alert during your hearing. Pay attention to who speaks.
  • Never interrupt. Only speak when prompted to by the court.
  • Remember to use "your honor" if you must speak to a judge.
  • Remain cordial. Family Court matters are emotional, but restraint is needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

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