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Most of us are raised to believe that the sanctity of marriage is one that is written in stone and can never be broken. However, many of us also know that is not always the case. The taboo of divorce has been stigmatized for years even though it is sometimes the healthiest option for a couple, especially if children are involved. These situations should be handled with compassion and care by a trusted divorce attorney.

At the Audu Law Firm, Attorney Audu is committed to helping you successfully navigate and finalize your divorce in Sugar Land. You can count on the Audu Law Firm to represent your best interests every step of the way.

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The Divorce Process

Assuming that all state and county requirements are met, a plaintiff can legally submit a petition of divorce. After the appropriate divorce papers are filed and all parties are notified, the spouses must begin either public or private mediation to come to an agreement on the terms of their divorce.

At this stage, you will have to make decisions regarding:

If you cannot agree on any of these matters, they will be turned over to a family law court, where a judge will issue an order on your behalf.

Throughout this process, Attorney Audu can stand by your side and provide the attentive guidance you need to ensure a positive result. The decisions made during your divorce can have a profound impact on your future, so you will want to get them right the first time. Audu Law Firm can make sure the final decree reflects your best interests.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, the couple has already agreed to all terms and therefore can complete a smooth and painless split. Uncontested divorces are generally simpler, faster, and more affordable than contested divorces in Texas.

In some cases, mediation changes a spouse’s opinions and shifts their goals, making it impossible for the spouses to come to an agreement. Should this occur in your case, you may be able to convert the status of your divorce to contested.

Texas Grounds for Divorce

The grounds for divorce refers to the reason why your marriage ended. Texas recognizes two grounds for divorce: fault and no-fault.

No Fault Divorce in Texas

A no-fault divorce means that neither spouse places blame on the other one for the end of their marriage. With this type of divorce, there is no need to prove that either spouse did something that broke the marriage. Texas recognizes the following as grounds for a no-fault divorce:

  • Insupportability

Claiming insupportability in a divorce decree means that the marriage is no longer supportable because there is such severe strife between the couple that the relationship is unbearable and there is no chance for reconciliation.

Fault Divorce in Texas

A fault divorce, by contrast, is when one spouse blames, or places fault, on the other spouse for the end of their marriage. Texas recognizes the following as grounds for a fault divorce:

  • Abandonment
  • Adultery
  • Confinement in a mental hospital
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Cruelty
  • Living apart for at least 3 years

You Can Count on the Audu Law Firm

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally charged and challenging situations a person can face. It can be difficult to see clearly through lenses clouded with anger. You need a divorce attorney who can protect you and help you find simple solutions to every issue along the way. Attorney Lilian Audu at the Audu Law Firm in Sugar Land presents careful and considerate representation in family law.

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