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Texas Divorce Laws

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Contrary to common vows, marriage is not always final. According to the National Survey of Family Growth, from 2006-2010, approximately a third of marriages in the United States failed while an estimated 48% do not journey past the 20-year mark. The reasons for divorce are numerous and personal beliefs may separate a happy couple. However, when the decision is made, Lilian Audu, the Sugar Land divorce attorney at the Audu Law Firm, can help you through this difficult process.

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Common Law Marriage in Texas

Common law marriage is defined as a publicly recognized union that has not been set with legal documentation or religious ceremonies. Requirements for a common law marriage include joint residency, combined finances, and the legal capacity to marry. Texas notices common law marriage as “informal marriage” once the couple announces their union to others. Common law marriages are treated just the same as religious and legal marriages.

If a couple decides to end a common law marriage, the state of Texas still requires a formal divorce. This means that the same allowances given to a legally married couple must also be granted to an informal marriage. The divorcees, however, must prove that they were married in the first place. Mainly, the burden of proof rests on the first person who files for the divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

The grounds for a divorce in Texas encompass seven separate considerations that range from abandonment to the conviction of a felony. Though it may not be completely necessary to hire a divorce lawyer, it is highly recommended. Sugar Land family law attorney Lilian Audu has the experience needed to guide a client through tough situations such as child visitation rights and may even reveal the hidden assets of the parting spouse. In most cases, a professional can navigate objectively when you are not able to.

It is important to know that Texas also permits divorces based on marital fault. These allowances are awarded in reference to cruelty, adultery, abandonment, and felony conviction. Each of these cases would have to be proven in court. With the help of a divorce mediator, a substantial amount of evidence can weigh in your favor.

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If your divorce is contested, a divorce attorney can simplify separation agreements and other divorce forms. Property valuations, custody, and tax treatment of financial issues can take a toll during this emotional time. Attorney Audu at the Audu Law Firm has experience in these areas and will make the process easier.

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