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Even when divorcing parents come to an agreement on all custody and visitation matters, their proposed arrangement must still be approved by a Texas court. These proposals are presented in the form of a parenting plan, a comprehensive outline detailing how all child custody and visitation matters will be handled by the parents following the divorce.

Ideally, these parenting plans are established by parents who are ready to listen to one another and keep the best interests of their child in mind. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and conflicts can occur. If you are involved in a dispute over custody and visitation, seek guidance from the Sugar Land parenting plan attorney at the Audu Law Firm.

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What's in a Parenting Plan?

Simply put, a parenting plan includes every foreseeable detail concerning child custody and visitation. Ideally, the parents will arrange a workable parent plan before going to a judge so that important parenting decisions remain in the hands of the parents rather than a judge.

Just a few of the details that parenting plans include are:

  • How certain parenting decisions will be made (jointly, individually, etc.)
  • How custody and visitation will be handled for individual holidays and vacations
  • How the parents will communicate
  • How the child will be accommodated in each of the parents' residences
  • Any preventative measures to avoid future disputes or trips to court

In cases where there is a high amount of conflict between the parents, the court may assign a parenting coordinator to help work with the parents and their attorneys. No matter what level of conflict you might experience during this process, however, it is essential that you have vigilant counsel to navigate this negotiation process and to look out for you and your child's best interests.

Choose the Assistance of Audu Law Firm

If you are facing a divorce and are concerned about establishing a proper parenting plan, the best way to secure peace of mind is to retain a dedicated and compassionate Sugar Land parenting plan lawyer.

At the Audu Law Firm, Attorney Audu has helped numerous parents navigate the parenting plan negotiation process, reach an amicable solution, and achieve approval from the judge. No matter the circumstances, Attorney Audu and her firm believe that solutions are attainable and will work tirelessly to put them within your reach.

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