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Handling Alimony Cases with Care

One of the most critical and commonly contested issues to be decided during a divorce proceeding is spousal maintenance (also known as alimony). The purpose of alimony is to allow the dependent spouse to enjoy a lifestyle similar to what they enjoyed during the marriage. Texas has very specific laws governing spousal maintenance and it is essential to have knowledgeable counsel by your side to protect your rights and emphatically voice any of your alimony concerns to the court.

At the Audu Law Firm, Sugar Land spousal maintenance attorney Lilian Audu is committed to helping individuals navigate this difficult and stressful kind of family law case. Ending a marriage is always an emotional time – and battles over alimony can be particularly combative. Attorney Audu proceeds not only with sensitivity but – when needed – with the tough assertiveness needed to arrive at a fair agreement that reflects your needs.

If you have concerns regarding your spousal maintenance agreement, contact the Audu Law Firm at (832) 789-8442.

Determining the Terms of Spousal Maintenance

Clients are always interested in learning how long their spousal maintenance will last and how much they can expect to receive or pay. It's impossible to pinpoint an exact number until a judge reviews the couple's finances and makes a ruling, but Texas law does have guidelines and formulas that can help forecast what your final spousal maintenance agreement will look like.

The duration of monthly spousal maintenance depends on the length of the marriage – if it was:

  • Less than 20 years, spousal maintenance will last a maximum of five years
  • Between 20 and 30 years, spousal maintenance will last a maximum of seven years
  • More than 30 years, spousal maintenance will last a maximum of 10 years

Keep in mind that Texas does cap monthly alimony at either $5,000 or 20% of the paying spouse's gross monthly income. Whether you are the paying spouse or the dependent one, ensure that your needs are properly communicated and fought for during the divorce process by retaining the Audu Law Firm.

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